What if Mental Health Treatment...Worked?

At BREAKTHROUGH6, mental health treatment does We are creating a nationwide network of B6 BRAIN Centers to offer drug-free, FDA-approved treatments that actually work on depression, PTSD, OCD, ADHD, and more. Our mission is to ensure everyone can access and afford these extraordinary innovations.

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The process begins with a referral to a BRAIN Center. In one phone call or meeting, we can explain the treatment process, discuss potential outcomes, handle financial matters, and schedule an interview.

INterview and Plan

A telehealth video interview is conducted by one of our physicians using our proprietary AI-powered Observational Assay tool. A treatment protocol can be remotely determined in under an hour in most cases.


The treatment plan is sent to the BRAIN Center, who works with the patient to schedule the course of treatment required. The process also includes at least two years of monitoring and refreshers if nececsary.

“This completely changed my life. In just 5 days, my whole world has changed and now I look forward to every day.” 

Julius Von Uberstien

"I need to tell everyone I know about this. So many people take antidepressants, when there is something much better available.

Rachel Stamos

“I’m working with these guys from now on!”

John Smith

“Top-notch job. Couldn’t have asked for better design and photography.

Phil Johnson

our team

Robert Jordshaugen

Chief Executive Officer
Robert has 20 years of experience in the hospital and healthcare industry, as a turnaround and process improvement consulting leader. He is Co-Founder of Kindbridge Behavioral Health, the national leader in Gambling therapy. He has an MBA HSM from Duke University.

Dr. Owen Muir

Chief Medical Officer
Owen Scott Muir, M.D. is a dual board certified child and general psychiatrist and principal investigator on the Magnus Medical SAINT OLO trial, a speaker at numerous conferences across medical and non-medical disciplines globally, has over 200 academic citations to his credit.

Lincoln FIsh

Chief Operating Officer
Lincoln brings over 25 years as an executive in both traditional and alternative healthcare. His technology firm became Avadyne Health, where his team pioneered the Patient Financial Experience. He is a nationally recognized speaker and a graduate of Wharton.

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